Grammatical Bookends

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Another page turns, and silently the pen crosses in straight lines recording the thoughts of a writer’s mind.

A room silent, slowly inhaling and exhaling and words appear waiting to be written down flowing….

Distant noises cannot interrupt the stream, as mind creates and words, once hidden now lay in open view.

A strong light through the windowpane illuminates the paper, and unhurried the letters join and sit waiting.

“Here I am!”

 Shout these silent words; unspoken and held by speech marks like token bookends. Read me silently and it’s an internal whisper spoken out loud,

“I am discovered!!”

Located on the page of time,


counters the bold proclamation, it is for the reader to find you. The story shouts from  the page,

“Read me aloud!”

My words have power, release the sound and create the scene, make characters that live and chatter! Woven into the narrative of place and time with words that wait to come alive.

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Stories real, or perhaps not, all longing to be expressed by eager voices which animate a thousand bedtime goodnights’ begin,

“Once upon a time….”

and years roll back and touch the memory, words so familiar take shape as if in a small person’s imagination, as they drift to sleep, their soft curls on the pillow now resting.

“And they all lived happily ever after.”

Words lowered to a silent hush.

Stories meant to be shared and read aloud, touch a generation with the author’s gift, our delight. Memories created of childhood fantasy where bears eat porridge, cats wear boots, where small boys fly and the Lion roars! Good overcomes and evil takes flight, yet still safe in one’s bed, a soft whisper


Stories endure of this kind for a reason, they grow future author’s minds that once captured a small child’s imagination. The world they see is different and exciting, capturing an innocence and stirring creativity.

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Where a simple walk in the wood sees fairies on branches, bugs that have entire conversations, and puddles like lakes that if you jump into them you just might….possibly…. jump right through into a land where only your imagination leads you. Small boys and girls with big adventures capture a reality that still lives on in our own internal secret world. One of innocence and fun, one which the author can still gift to another generation.

Write down words, capture memories, inspire others imaginations and let your stories come to life.


Back to blogging – finally!!

Quite a few months have slipped past since I last blogged anything. Not, as you may think due to writer’s block, no not at all. Merely life taking a new season and direction and taking up much of my free time that I had until last autumn. The desire to write however has never truly left me, just the energy to sit here (staying awake) to compose the words, which expresses my thoughts and feelings, ideas and dreams.

Today it has been raining heavily and that has kinda helped to focus my mind. I have let the words flow as the rain has fallen onto the dry, parched ground. So too, the words have begun to flow once more onto the barren page before me. Writing is an expression of creativity and freedom for me, to be able to take those bustling words that twirl and twist circular pathways in my thoughts and to finally make them sit still, here on the page. This may not be the most amazing blog ever, but it is where I pick up once again the thread and choose to continue to weave together something that pleases me and makes my soul sing!

But, what to choose?! I could combine several themes making a multi-layered narrative or pick just the one thing, the one that means the most to me and that, perhaps you too may enjoy, as I share with you the reader. For instance, my love and newly re-found passion for gardening, or of painting and drawing or how I might sit and create a picture of a beautiful red rose. One that I have personally tended and grown.One which has the most delicate perfume, whose petals as soft as velvet and as deep a red as when the petals fall like spilled drops of blood.


Being in the garden is my forever secret place and one where I have felt close to the Creator as I have tended it, bringing form, shape, and colour alive. This has been my release of creativity. I have discovered I am a (fair-weather) ‘shed-dweller’. I retreat there, a cup of tea in hand, to sit and think and dream and reconnect with the Creator of this fabulous planet. Taking a break from even the things we love to do, refreshes and reinvigorates passion and purpose. Nothing is ever wasted from our creative bursts of writing or painting and drawing or gardening.

Now as I write I wish to try to capture the miracle of, for example,  growing a  tiny little speck of a seed, seeing it germinate, thrive as I tend it with patience, and loving care. As it grows and develops and forms leaves and buds, then flowers, sets fruit or seed heads. The circle of life for that little seed has begun and comes fully complete. All the information is hidden deep inside and as something like a few drops of water soften it and the darkness hides it, life emerges. Fascinating, the miracle has begun, as it develops and as I observe how it reaches for the light, how it in turn creates shade and shadows, and dances with the slightest breeze. Its roots entwined into the soil, hugging the damp earth tightly and absorbing nutrients that make it flourish.


Therein lies a promise that unfurls, and as such so too does the Word of God settle into the darkness of mankinds heart, like a little seed and grows, bringing new life.


If you hear His Word today, don’t harden your heart but let it become softened, let the new life within you grow and THAT is the greatest miracle of all!!


Summer’s Sky Dancers

red admiral butterfly

The Red Admiral Butterfly

Do you suppose that a butterfly has any memory of the fact that once it was a slow, fat, leaf-munching caterpillar, as it flits and dances lightly freely in the warm summer breeze?

I wonder what it feels like to suddenly come into a new sensation, bodily experience and to be radically changed. This amazing metamorphosis is to me one of Creations most delightful occurrences’, one that might just slip by unnoticed to the unobservant eye.

I feel honoured to watch the butterfly flit past knowing that is survived the transformative expulsion from the chrysalis phase. It’s life now only too brief as it soars upwards along with many other insects, past buzzing bees and flies and ladybirds. I hesitate to mention the wasp, for him, I am uncertain of, mainly for all the panic that he causes to picnicking people. All these though are busy engaged in their hurried little lives.

cabbage white butterflies

The humble Cabbage White

Summer’s fleeting visitor, the butterfly, who has such graceful and delicate wings, like angels, that skitter up and over hedgerows and across open country fields or suburban gardens, alighting upon bushes or flowers in the blissful heat of the day. Its dusty wings which close and open as it rests on a plant or flower head, now and then revealing its individual markings, peacocks eyes, and vibrant shimmering colours of red, and blue or green.

blue butterfly

Common Blue

No one gets too excited by the earth brown shades of a moth, but the butterfly is to be  admired and watched, and probably proud as it nestles in amongst flowers, shrubs and summer borders. There is an unhurriedness to its meandering flight, something relaxing to watch in the heat of a summer’s day. Their little lives, short but none the less valued for the pretty scene they create in just being themselves.

It is important ecologically to care for and support these beauties, there are even specialized ‘houses’ to help them to transform from caterpillar to butterfly!

  butterfly house

A Butterfly House

from coccoon to butterfly

and a  sneaky peek inside!

I love to see them, these beautiful, small dancers of the sky as they make my heart feel cheered up somehow. I stop when I spot one to gaze at its flight until it is past my view. Content and privileged, am I to capture just for a moment, something quite glorious. I am thankful for it and the joy it brings to my heart.

For those of you, who like myself, love these delicate Summer Sky dancers, and would love to see even more of them, then why not plan a visit to “Butterfly World”.Just click on the link below.



The Courage of a Lion

aslan n lucy

What does it take, to get you to your knees? I have had, and indeed I am still, experiencing a season of disorientation that has driven me to my knees, leaving me  wondering what is happening to my life.

It is not until you come before God, empty handed that you can truly say with any honesty you are reliant upon His grace and mercy. Such is the depth of  His love in drawing you away from all that would hinder your walk with Him. In all the upheaval and confusion, the heartbreak and fear I am still standing.

My faith in times like this, and believe you me, I have had plenty over the years, is surprisingly rock solid. I cling to this Rock like it was my very next breath and I know that though I am challenged and desperate, that God is with me.

Sometimes, I feel a little bit like Lucy in C.S. Lewis’s Narnia tales that my sword is actually just a tiny dagger but beside me is Aslan, behind me is the full force of the God of the Universe who is roaring towards the enemy on my behalf, protecting me.

So, I am blessed, even in the direst of trials that besiege my heart and mind, yea even fear of my very life slipping. Therefore I can say that I am secure in this insecure place I find myselI in, I have deep peace just knowing He is never more than a prayer away.


When I feel the boat about to tip over, I cry out none the less desperately than Jonah’s fellow sailors did , “help!!!” is an excellent prayer. And through the messy, fearful steps I take, He guides and leads me onwards.

This is just a part of my journey, my story, and I know that if I were self-secure, self- anything really, in trying to hold it all together and do it myself I would be the poorer, the most miserable creature in fact.For, I would lose sight of God and I cannot imagine a worse fate than that.

And, I am not alone in this, I am privileged to walk with others equally (though not similarly) caught up in their own trials that knock them off their feet. We gird up our loins and raise our heads, choosing to believe and hope against all that we see, know or fear. We stand this day only in His strength and covenant blessings. I am proud of my Sisters in Christ.

Yes, we can say we are blessed in adversity and brokenness because behind us stands a much greater and stronger One who protects His beloved children. By faith, we choose to trust and keep on, keeping on.

Here is to all of you in whom this resonates, those of you who are waiting for the sun to come out again, for the road ahead to be smooth, for you who have felt this way and wonder why or when you might rise beyond all the pain and hurt, confusion and mess.Though we bare scars, remember, God is for you and not against you, remember just how far you have come, but don’t look back you are not going that way!

dancing in the rain

Remember, God is for you and not against you, remember Joy does come in the morning because behind you is ‘Aslan’ and He who has promised will reorientate  your life again because His promises are all yes and amen, “Amen?”


Nothing new under the sun

nothing new here

“What goes around, comes around.”, you may have heard this expression before. Certainly, in times of comfort and plenty do any of us ever think back to how things were for us when we struggled in need, or of how history speaks to us of past generations; of their wealth or grinding poverty? Nothing new here!

Oh, but,”It’s all swings and roundabouts” or “Here today, gone tomorrow”, phrases we throw around and around,  but do we really listen to what these tell us; warn us?

In times of plenty, we build our prosperous ivory castles sky high and fear to look out of the window lest we see a hurting world. After all, we deserve our due  for our hard work;  we have built up our empires and this is our reward. We are too busy shopping and buying novelties to notice what is really going on under our very noses. We are too busy investing in commodities, stocks, shares, precious metal, too busy buying property and enclosing our lives in gated communities. Fearful of lack we will do anything to hang onto our wealth!

God’s Word teaches us, warns us,

” We all come to the end of our lives as naked and empty-handed as on the day we were born. We can’t take our riches with us.” Ecclesiastes 5:15 New Living Translation

and in case you think that is the Old Testament and you are under grace, sorry but the New Testament also says,

“After all, we brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it.” 1 Timothy 6:7 New Living Translation.

Lady Plenty is an opiate that silences our compassion, dulls our response to respond to others in need.When all comes crashing down and there is a hole in your pocket, what next? Who do you turn to, the money lenders, the institutional banks, family, friends?

We are all guilty of squandering, I’m as much to blame myself as to anyone else. We are short-sighted, blinded and too trusting of the world and its systems.Whilst the Western world is ensnared by Mammon, blinded and enticed into the rat race of materialism,  Third World poverty has trapped them into a ‘life’ of utter deprivation, corruption, and an early grave.

It is not until you hit rock bottom that you cry out in confusion and despair, “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” Your god, your god is wooden, deaf, unfeeling and cannot help you. Are you stunned by this? or maybe you have compassion fatigue? It’s just all too much!! We are stressed, lonely, the saints are worn out, Daniel 7:25 ESV.

I came across this prayer this morning, and it made me think, looking at life today nothing changes does it! This prayer was written by William Rauschenbusch, a Christian theologian, and Baptist Pastor, who lived from 1861-1918.

O Christ, thou has bidden us pray for the coming of thy Father’s Kingdom,

in which hisrighteous will shall be done on earth.

We have treasured thy words, but we have forgotten their meaning,

and thy great hope has grown dim in thy church.

We bless thee for the inspired souls of all ages who saw afar

the shining city of God, and by faith left the profit of the present

to follow their vision. We rejoice that today the hope of these lonely hearts

is becoming the clear faith of millions.

Help us O Lord, in the courage of faith to seize what has now come so near,

that the glad day of God may dawn at last. As we have mastered nature

that we might gain wealth, help us now to master the social relations

of mankind that we may gain justice and a world of brothers.

For what shall it profit our nation,

if it gain numbers and riches and lose the sense of the living God and the joy

of human brotherhood? Make us determined to live by truth

and not by lies,to found our common life on the eternal foundations

of righteousness and love,

and no longer to prop the tottering house of wrong by legalized cruelty and force.

Help us to make the welfare of all the supreme law of our land, and that

So our commonwealth may be built strong and secure on the love of all its citizens.

Cast down the throne of Mammon who ever grinds the life of men,

And set up thy throne, O Christ, for thou didst die that men might live.

Show thy erring children at last the way from the City of Destruction

to the City of love, and fulfil the longings of the prophets of humanity.

Our Master, once more we make thy faith

our prayer: “Thy Kingdom come! Thy will be done on earth!”


This pattern of have and have not has played out over human history, it is nothing new and we have not learned anything. People are blessed if they are woken up from their slumbering to hear, blessed if they turn away from the rotten apathy that dulls the heart.This makes uncomfortable reading, this challenges you and me to think again and stop playing a game of Russian roulette with your future.God has been waiting to see if you remember him, in all the prosperity and wealth you have been toying with.

If you have read thus far, through the caustic narrative of words that chill the soul then I have good news for you, “Fear not!” Once aware you can change, you can live differently, simply and at peace. God, your God sees and will come to you. He will place within your life, put your hands all that is needed but no more than this. He will send you to others who have no idea what is awaiting them lest they fall.

Is it realistic to think we can stop history repeating itself, and stop world poverty, and deprivation;we can, one person at a time. So today if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart, but turn again and let your life stand for righteousness and compassion. Decide this day whom you will serve. He waits to be wanted.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 NLT.

In the Silence that Surrounds the Soul; God.


We live in such a fast-paced environment these days, how do you deal with silence? Is it your comfort or worst nightmare?

For some people, silence gradually feeds their soul and they grow to crave it more and more, it is balm and healing for them.

Whereas, for some the very mention of it, the very absence of noise, of the sounds of life going on around them creates unease, and for some the extreme of panic. They just cannot come face to face with who they are, and hide in the hustle and bustle of sound, noise and activity.


How do sound, noise and all its activities affect you?

If you are uncomfortable with silence, do you ever question why this might be?

Those who have discovered the joy of silence, have found that they can de-stress and wind down and they have discovered that noise stops you from engaging in hearing the small inner voice. Not your own conscious thoughts. These will easily condemn you and tie your soul up in knots.

Rather, it is the voice all people are capable of hearing, that of God the one who created you. If you are under the misapprehension that hearing (and you may well doubt it possible or logical) God is so scary that you fear wrath or punishment. I urge you to re-think your thoughts and consider why so many do actually confess to hearing God’s voice and they are not punished are they?

Do you think that you are the worst person, and inside your internal mind tell you so and you reply with, “but, you don’t know what I have done!” No one has ever done anything that is not forgivable. Those who hear God, hear him as their Father. He is a good, good Father. Do not overlay your own experience of Fatherhood and your childhood to colour this picture in shades of horror or hatred or anger.

Consider if you will, why is it that so many do have peace in their lives, and are joyful even in tough circumstances? I tell you the truth, they know that God has forgiven them and they know God as their Father. Jesus came to reveal the Father, to release God’s Spirit to help us to know him and to experience him too.

If you think, “ha not for me!” then think upon this, are you really happy, secure, and content? Do you know that you are loved…unconditionally? Do not base your happiness on fortune or wealth for that is fleeting and unstable, and can vanish at a moment’s notice!

If you cannot say yes, then would you really want to live less than these things, would you not want the chance to start over again and be given a clean slate, knowing that you are forgiven and accepted by Father God, a new life?


It is so simple to have this peace, this new life and yet so few find it. Sit in the silence and ask God to reveal himself to you. He will come, and he promises to be with you forever. Not like the people who come into your life, use you and leave you; alone and heart-broken. He comes to stay, to dwell, to live in you. He alone can repair the broken heart that is shattered.

You were never meant to live a frantic life, stressful life full of constant noise and activity. Those who are wise know that in the peace, in the silence comes a rest that the world cannot give. It is deep, it is love, and actually what you need to live a life of meaning and joy. Now, I am not saying that all problems will disappear. God is not a ‘Father Christmas’ figure, he is not going to give you the equivalent of the lottery and make your life easy, but, he will make sure you have all you need and that you never have to question his goodness, and from that secure place you will be living life as was always intended for you.

father and  child


You see, he has always wanted you, always loved you and waits for you. Turn towards him and he comes running, like as love-sick husband longing for his beloved, like a Father who has not held his dearly loved child for far too long. Turn and come home to Him today.

If you think that this is what is missing in your heart, you are not far wrong. So, it’s as simple as speaking to him these words,

Father, I am sorry for the way I have tried to live my life without you.

Please forgive me and come into my life.

Thank you for Jesus your Son who can save me.

I want to follow you and trust you.


When you have asked this, things will change and you can be sure that no one who has asked this has ever been rejected. God is for you, always.



Don’t try to walk alone you will need the support and company of others who have also made this decision to ask God to come into their lives too. You will find others just like you, at the local church; they are not perfect but like you have decided not to let the fear, loneliness or brokenness define them any longer. There are many different churches, so try visiting and see where you feel at home.

If this seems a big step to take or just strange, or  ‘too religious’ then do keep visiting different churches, and let God will show you where you belong, can make friends, and feel his peace and love. I do not write this from head knowledge, but from my own experience. It is not religion you will find, but relationships. Firstly with God as your Father, and also with other people who walk this journey through life too.

Peace Of God

Sunday Lunch

sunday lunch

As I was driving home from church, I passed the fast food chain with the golden arches and was quite surprised to see the car park full.Further up the road a carvery / pub car park and the retail park, was also full and I wondered, does anyone actually have a cooked traditional Sunday roast lunch at home anymore?

I have read articles before about the changing eating habits of us Brits, so do you regularly have roast beef ( or meat), Yorkshire puds, roast potatoes, vegetables, gravy; and all home cooked? Or do you grab a sandwich, or have a curry, or something else perhaps?

Do you continue to gather as a family to eat together, spending time talking and actually sit at a dining room table? When I was a child this was a non-negotiable  regular tradition. Sunday was planned out like a military operation to prepare for hours a meal that was consumed within mere minutes. These days the use of a dishwasher to clear up the dishes and pots and pans afterwards is a bonus my mother would have loved, and the use of a microwave too.

kitchen sink

Although I personally can’t do this meal anymore, seeing as its just me at home, I wish I could do it. Perhaps one day I will be in the kitchen cooking Sunday lunch. I cannot think that having a fast food meal is a good exchange on any level, nutritionally or socially.

Yet, there are thousands still who prefer,whether for convenience or habit, to eat out instead, though I cannot think that the conversations are as relaxed as having a meal at home. Perhaps this will come full circle eventually, and eating Sunday lunch at home will become the ‘in thing ‘ once again. I think it is good for family life, even though I can not practice what I preach here, I do miss this traditional fare and the table conversations that are a part of the good ol’British way of life.


It is also a great time to pray together as a family, to give thanks to God for the food we have and for each other. I feel that Jewish families who gather as a family to celebrate Shabbat each Friday evening with the traditional meal, seeking God’s blessing by honouring Him, are indeed blessed. Much to ponder there!



I has a cold in my ‘doze’!

cold in my nose

Quite honestly, I probably should be resting instead of writing. You see I have a cold in my doze, I don’t think I have one symptom missing. Propped up on as much cold remedy allowance an adult can safely ingest, I am trying to get on with what I want to do, namely to write.

That non-helpful phrase of, “oh it’s going around” has no comfort for my splitting head and I am grateful for those who care to pray for my recovery… but please only from a safe distance! I have given up on a box of tissues they did not last long and have resigned myself to a loo roll. This lasts longer but has the added annoyance of turning my doze bright red. You just can’t win eh?

So, here I sit and I wonder, how are you doing today? Seeing as no one can (safely) visit me I shall enquire as to your health. This seems to be one of the hot topics of general conversation and tends to get more medically detailed with age. It would seem if we are not talking about the weather, it’s our health. I think my current state of sneeziness is a direct result of the weather, I mean isn’t it cold today!

For reasons only known to my daughter’s logic and her needs I have to soldier on, I guess we do with children (small or grown-up one’s) or, perhaps worse, our other halves, that we tend to their needs. Take this morning for instance, after a very rough, coughing, head-achy, sleepless night I got up to drive the car so my daughter could get to work. Now, she could have said, “oh Mum!, it’s okay I’ll get the bus.” But, I don’t think that occurred, and it was raining, and she was running late. Early morning saga over, I return home, pooped!

This is only to spy the dishes needing washing up, the clothes over spilling the laundry basket, the cat bowl empty, and the bins (even through my blocked doze) rather smelly. I had thoughts of returning to bed for a rest in the hope of catching up on the missed zzzs hours I spent coughing. But no, I walk into my bedroom and there right in the middle of the bed is the cat. Do I have the heart to kick her off and lie down nope! So there she still lies, looking every inch, just too cute as she sleeps, and I wonder what to do next.

I end up on the computer, thinking I will just read my e-mail and then check out Face Book, the weather report (oh, the weather again!). With only an interruption for hanging up the laundry in the bathroom, I am still sitting here. If you also have a cold, or anything else that is making you feel under the weather (sorry, couldn’t resist that one) you are very welcome to self-indulge your complaints and symptoms here (nothing too graphic please) and please feel free to get some sympathy here, “I am truly sorry you have a cold (or any other ailment) and hope you feel well again very soon.” Leave me a comment in return if you would like to. I expect like me, you also have many, many other things that require your attention today and you just don’t feel well or up to it all either.

So, here’s to the next dose of meds, and let’s rest whilst we may for as the day wears on there are bound to be things crop us that we have to deal with. We can only do our best!

book of tissues

Get well soon xx


Words are Everywhere 

There are somethings in life that are seemingly inescapable, such as the concept of time and, another being that of words.We were born to communicate and whether we speak or write them down words define and express our every waking moment, and possibly even invade our dreams.


Words create our known world, and our words contain life or death , contain blessing or curses. Words are so innocuous, words are violent and oppressive, words are power!

Words and Faith

Thanks to God,  Jesus Christ is The Word; He is the one whose ethical teaching spoke words of life to the poor and needy. Only His words show our hearts true condition, he spoke words that shocked and scandalized the religious elite of his day. He spoke prophetically, he spoke healing, and he spoke gently or powerfully over situations to change the atmosphere, bringing about wholeness, peace, and love.

God sees beyond the walls of words we build up, in self-protection and how we try to distance ourselves from pain, hurt, and suffering. We use words to deflect attention, to draw attention, to communicate with others what we feel, think or imagine.Whatever the words may be, we cannot escape their power over our lives. Words of blessing speak life and hope, and as a Christian, the words we use in  prayer connect us with God, as we wait and listen for His words back to us. Words are essentially relational and unite us with God’s love for us. God’s word to us is revelaed in the Holy Bible; a plumbline of truth and direction to live by.

Words of Warning

The world is through negligent words a damaged and hurting place; people wither; crushed and bruised when words attack both their world and personhood. Care needs to be taken before words are unleashed on someone in anger, through gossip or for gaining power over them. Words spoken carelessly are remembered, etched into the mind, causing painful associations,  reproducing anger traits and passing on broken and pain filled patterns of behaviour.


Cruel or negative words enter into our souls, into our spirit and tear us down.We are not to speak words carelessly to each other but, sadly,  we tend to think without saying, we speak without thinking. We may have caustic words going around inside our heads which have been spoken over us causing internal negative conversations. These damage our self-confidence and steal our joy. Verbal words spoken that are gregarious and an extrovert’s expression of life , are to an introvert  far from what they can respond to, sensitivity and gentleness are the keys that can unlock conversation.There is always a time to speak, a time to listen, and a time to be silent.

Words from others, written or spoken, have the potential to pierce our souls, to break our hearts, or when words are withheld and silence is all we perceive, we become understandably confused, and perplexed. Our souls demand an answer as we innately need to  keep the communication flowing, to perceive with understanding, wisdom, and have a sense of order in our lives.

Written words create real feelings when we read them; feelings of comfort, safety, peace, and love. But all too often they cause feelings of inferiority, confusion, shame, guilt, or hate. If we took more care over what we think or say, write or declare, we could bring healing and happiness and put an end to furthering evil intentions, we create the world we live in by our use of words and how we express them. Do as you would to others, as you would have them do to you. Our ego’s have to die to self interest, as we put others first. One of the hardest things to do practically.

Words of Health and Inner Healing

Words start to bind us or set free our minds as soon as we emerge into this physical world, but we do not have to stay bound by them.The impact on our potential character and personality, on our very fragile hearts and, our ability to give or receive love is enormous.Happily for every negative there is a corresponding positive word, one counteracting the other.


Kindness echoes throughout eternity and impacts us now and the generations to come, therefore, let us only speak kind words to one another.Words express and carry our felt emotions, healthy or otherwise, they can lay our souls bare. We alone can speak them; we alone can create through them. Let us have self-control. Let us seek healing words to cleanse our wounds and be made whole.

Words and Worldly Standards

Words can and do conjure up all sorts of things in our minds, for good or evil, that we audibly or visually absorb, then react to and act upon. We speak words too loosely; saying one thing but meaning another, words express a social complexity of rules and regulations and laws, and those societal niceties such as polite manners and compassion by which we  open ourselves or close down on people. We hide and stand naked by the words we proclamation, ever since the first humans did.Our words expose humanities sinful disposition.

We seem unable to resist examining our words, testing and correcting the inaccuracies of spellings, grammar, and to produce a high standard of communication, where education sets the level expected to be acquired or else we are deemed to have ‘failed’. Does this make our words any the less important? I think not!

Words to Entertain

We write to entertain, to explore, to record facts, to say something of who we are and whawe do, we release imaginary ideas and create our own amusement. We play with words making them rhyme and flow with a life of their own, such is the world a poet brings to us.  We log our lives in diaries and in journals record our spiritual journey. We add music to words and can sing them; this is no mere accident of evolution, for we are meant to do this in our humanity that bears something of our Creator.

We love to capture words, we write all manner of books , even books about what words mean, we write in a variety of alphabetical letter forms and fonts, expressing all manner of speech when we are unable (for a variety of reasons) to speak face to face.We personify metaphors, we create illusionary characters; words are as sharp as knives which cut deeply or are as soft as wool which knit us together.

knit together


Playing with words seems to come naturally to us, words are the playground of the author, speaker, and poet and lyricist. We use words, we shape scenes, we entice a reader, and we can play upon the meanings sounds, and patterns which words produce. We love to do crosswords and word games; we play with letters and teach children the wonder of phonics and nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Spoken or written words fill our minds almost constantly during our waking hours, training our cognitive thoughts and, seem to be an extraordinary gift to some people, who can instinctively weave and create ideas and stories for the pleasure of others. Words are fascinating and capture the essence of all that we can see, think or dream, all that imagine or pursue.

Words for All


There are those unable to verbalise, those who cannot hear because of deafness, yet who create words with their hands, which are complex and signal the desire to be heard,accepted and, to give voice to their  inner creative world. The world would be a far poorer place without special this way to express kind words, words of love, peace, joy, hope and grace. Such is the impluse to communicate with the hands, it is beautiful to see.

Let us all, whoever we are, be carriers of words of peace and love, kindness and truth in all humility, not causing harm to another but extending to each other what we would hope to receive. Let us not judge with critical words but make our words be one’s that give life, blessings, and hope. Let our words, not reflect hidden prejudice or vocalize racial slander but be words that are inclusive and one’s that show we are God’s children, each and every one of us, and if you are lost for words…. “God knows your heart.”





The Station Master’s Whistle

liverpool street train station

Those were the days when you heard the whistle sound by the Station Master and there was the familiar smell of the train engines and you saw the ticket collector at the platform gate,wearing his smart railway uniform, who winked at the small children  calling out, “Tickets please!” and who having clipped it gave it back to be kept as a momento of the trip.

There too was the station cafe, the newspaper stand, and people rushing to catch the next train and journey on. A seat by the window to watch the countryside rush by in a blur.It’s all very modern these days and no smell of engines or recognisable landmarks from days gone by. The shop are quite posh and favour a more prosperous clientele. People, however, are still in a hurry, all rushing along. But I stop to remember, when back in those days, how exciting it was to be travelling by train.

Arriving at Liverpool Street station and being met by my grandfather, who was a very important person and who like his father before him he has been a Station Master, and very special to me as a very small child. There he would be standing, waiting, glimpsing us and waving, as we arrived from the country into the city of London. He was i think quite tall and with a moustache, pipe hanging from the corner of his mouth and wearing, as he always did, a tweedy jacket that had seen better days I suspect, and a big grin on his face, as we ran to greet him.

taxi london

Scurrying along to follow him, we marched up steep steps across the platform bridge, peering down from on high at the trains on the tracks far below, and further along to the long flight of steps up and outside and into the streets of London. He would hail a lovely shiny black hackney carriage, and I (being the smallest) sat on the little pull-down seat, as off to grandfathers house we went.

Those memories are infinitely precious to me, the years have flown by and he is long gone now. I still have his Station Masters whistle, given to me on one of those iconic visits. I had especially asked to keep it to remember him by.


The Acme Thunderer

B.R. (E)