Back to blogging – finally!!

Quite a few months have slipped past since I last blogged anything. Not, as you may think due to writer’s block, no not at all. Merely life taking a new season and direction and taking up much of my free time that I had until last autumn. The desire to write however has never truly left me, just the energy to sit here (staying awake) to compose the words, which expresses my thoughts and feelings, ideas and dreams.

Today it has been raining heavily and that has kinda helped to focus my mind. I have let the words flow as the rain has fallen onto the dry, parched ground. So too, the words have begun to flow once more onto the barren page before me. Writing is an expression of creativity and freedom for me, to be able to take those bustling words that twirl and twist circular pathways in my thoughts and to finally make them sit still, here on the page. This may not be the most amazing blog ever, but it is where I pick up once again the thread and choose to continue to weave together something that pleases me and makes my soul sing!

But, what to choose?! I could combine several themes making a multi-layered narrative or pick just the one thing, the one that means the most to me and that, perhaps you too may enjoy, as I share with you the reader. For instance, my love and newly re-found passion for gardening, or of painting and drawing or how I might sit and create a picture of a beautiful red rose. One that I have personally tended and grown.One which has the most delicate perfume, whose petals as soft as velvet and as deep a red as when the petals fall like spilled drops of blood.


Being in the garden is my forever secret place and one where I have felt close to the Creator as I have tended it, bringing form, shape, and colour alive. This has been my release of creativity. I have discovered I am a (fair-weather) ‘shed-dweller’. I retreat there, a cup of tea in hand, to sit and think and dream and reconnect with the Creator of this fabulous planet. Taking a break from even the things we love to do, refreshes and reinvigorates passion and purpose. Nothing is ever wasted from our creative bursts of writing or painting and drawing or gardening.

Now as I write I wish to try to capture the miracle of, for example,  growing a  tiny little speck of a seed, seeing it germinate, thrive as I tend it with patience, and loving care. As it grows and develops and forms leaves and buds, then flowers, sets fruit or seed heads. The circle of life for that little seed has begun and comes fully complete. All the information is hidden deep inside and as something like a few drops of water soften it and the darkness hides it, life emerges. Fascinating, the miracle has begun, as it develops and as I observe how it reaches for the light, how it in turn creates shade and shadows, and dances with the slightest breeze. Its roots entwined into the soil, hugging the damp earth tightly and absorbing nutrients that make it flourish.


Therein lies a promise that unfurls, and as such so too does the Word of God settle into the darkness of mankinds heart, like a little seed and grows, bringing new life.


If you hear His Word today, don’t harden your heart but let it become softened, let the new life within you grow and THAT is the greatest miracle of all!!



2 thoughts on “Back to blogging – finally!!

  1. agathafinch

    I find so much of myself in what you have written! Working in the garden brings so much peace … and joy also at being able to enjoy His creation. And what you said about seeds … I’ve always enjoyed setting them away and watching their different stages of growth, from germination to bursting into flower. It’s marvelous!

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