Summer’s Sky Dancers

red admiral butterfly

The Red Admiral Butterfly

Do you suppose that a butterfly has any memory of the fact that once it was a slow, fat, leaf-munching caterpillar, as it flits and dances lightly freely in the warm summer breeze?

I wonder what it feels like to suddenly come into a new sensation, bodily experience and to be radically changed. This amazing metamorphosis is to me one of Creations most delightful occurrences’, one that might just slip by unnoticed to the unobservant eye.

I feel honoured to watch the butterfly flit past knowing that is survived the transformative expulsion from the chrysalis phase. It’s life now only too brief as it soars upwards along with many other insects, past buzzing bees and flies and ladybirds. I hesitate to mention the wasp, for him, I am uncertain of, mainly for all the panic that he causes to picnicking people. All these though are busy engaged in their hurried little lives.

cabbage white butterflies

The humble Cabbage White

Summer’s fleeting visitor, the butterfly, who has such graceful and delicate wings, like angels, that skitter up and over hedgerows and across open country fields or suburban gardens, alighting upon bushes or flowers in the blissful heat of the day. Its dusty wings which close and open as it rests on a plant or flower head, now and then revealing its individual markings, peacocks eyes, and vibrant shimmering colours of red, and blue or green.

blue butterfly

Common Blue

No one gets too excited by the earth brown shades of a moth, but the butterfly is to be  admired and watched, and probably proud as it nestles in amongst flowers, shrubs and summer borders. There is an unhurriedness to its meandering flight, something relaxing to watch in the heat of a summer’s day. Their little lives, short but none the less valued for the pretty scene they create in just being themselves.

It is important ecologically to care for and support these beauties, there are even specialized ‘houses’ to help them to transform from caterpillar to butterfly!

  butterfly house

A Butterfly House

from coccoon to butterfly

and a  sneaky peek inside!

I love to see them, these beautiful, small dancers of the sky as they make my heart feel cheered up somehow. I stop when I spot one to gaze at its flight until it is past my view. Content and privileged, am I to capture just for a moment, something quite glorious. I am thankful for it and the joy it brings to my heart.

For those of you, who like myself, love these delicate Summer Sky dancers, and would love to see even more of them, then why not plan a visit to “Butterfly World”.Just click on the link below.




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