In the Silence that Surrounds the Soul; God.


We live in such a fast-paced environment these days, how do you deal with silence? Is it your comfort or worst nightmare?

For some people, silence gradually feeds their soul and they grow to crave it more and more, it is balm and healing for them.

Whereas, for some the very mention of it, the very absence of noise, of the sounds of life going on around them creates unease, and for some the extreme of panic. They just cannot come face to face with who they are, and hide in the hustle and bustle of sound, noise and activity.


How do sound, noise and all its activities affect you?

If you are uncomfortable with silence, do you ever question why this might be?

Those who have discovered the joy of silence, have found that they can de-stress and wind down and they have discovered that noise stops you from engaging in hearing the small inner voice. Not your own conscious thoughts. These will easily condemn you and tie your soul up in knots.

Rather, it is the voice all people are capable of hearing, that of God the one who created you. If you are under the misapprehension that hearing (and you may well doubt it possible or logical) God is so scary that you fear wrath or punishment. I urge you to re-think your thoughts and consider why so many do actually confess to hearing God’s voice and they are not punished are they?

Do you think that you are the worst person, and inside your internal mind tell you so and you reply with, “but, you don’t know what I have done!” No one has ever done anything that is not forgivable. Those who hear God, hear him as their Father. He is a good, good Father. Do not overlay your own experience of Fatherhood and your childhood to colour this picture in shades of horror or hatred or anger.

Consider if you will, why is it that so many do have peace in their lives, and are joyful even in tough circumstances? I tell you the truth, they know that God has forgiven them and they know God as their Father. Jesus came to reveal the Father, to release God’s Spirit to help us to know him and to experience him too.

If you think, “ha not for me!” then think upon this, are you really happy, secure, and content? Do you know that you are loved…unconditionally? Do not base your happiness on fortune or wealth for that is fleeting and unstable, and can vanish at a moment’s notice!

If you cannot say yes, then would you really want to live less than these things, would you not want the chance to start over again and be given a clean slate, knowing that you are forgiven and accepted by Father God, a new life?


It is so simple to have this peace, this new life and yet so few find it. Sit in the silence and ask God to reveal himself to you. He will come, and he promises to be with you forever. Not like the people who come into your life, use you and leave you; alone and heart-broken. He comes to stay, to dwell, to live in you. He alone can repair the broken heart that is shattered.

You were never meant to live a frantic life, stressful life full of constant noise and activity. Those who are wise know that in the peace, in the silence comes a rest that the world cannot give. It is deep, it is love, and actually what you need to live a life of meaning and joy. Now, I am not saying that all problems will disappear. God is not a ‘Father Christmas’ figure, he is not going to give you the equivalent of the lottery and make your life easy, but, he will make sure you have all you need and that you never have to question his goodness, and from that secure place you will be living life as was always intended for you.

father and  child


You see, he has always wanted you, always loved you and waits for you. Turn towards him and he comes running, like as love-sick husband longing for his beloved, like a Father who has not held his dearly loved child for far too long. Turn and come home to Him today.

If you think that this is what is missing in your heart, you are not far wrong. So, it’s as simple as speaking to him these words,

Father, I am sorry for the way I have tried to live my life without you.

Please forgive me and come into my life.

Thank you for Jesus your Son who can save me.

I want to follow you and trust you.


When you have asked this, things will change and you can be sure that no one who has asked this has ever been rejected. God is for you, always.



Don’t try to walk alone you will need the support and company of others who have also made this decision to ask God to come into their lives too. You will find others just like you, at the local church; they are not perfect but like you have decided not to let the fear, loneliness or brokenness define them any longer. There are many different churches, so try visiting and see where you feel at home.

If this seems a big step to take or just strange, or  ‘too religious’ then do keep visiting different churches, and let God will show you where you belong, can make friends, and feel his peace and love. I do not write this from head knowledge, but from my own experience. It is not religion you will find, but relationships. Firstly with God as your Father, and also with other people who walk this journey through life too.

Peace Of God


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