Sunday Lunch

sunday lunch

As I was driving home from church, I passed the fast food chain with the golden arches and was quite surprised to see the car park full.Further up the road a carvery / pub car park and the retail park, was also full and I wondered, does anyone actually have a cooked traditional Sunday roast lunch at home anymore?

I have read articles before about the changing eating habits of us Brits, so do you regularly have roast beef ( or meat), Yorkshire puds, roast potatoes, vegetables, gravy; and all home cooked? Or do you grab a sandwich, or have a curry, or something else perhaps?

Do you continue to gather as a family to eat together, spending time talking and actually sit at a dining room table? When I was a child this was a non-negotiable  regular tradition. Sunday was planned out like a military operation to prepare for hours a meal that was consumed within mere minutes. These days the use of a dishwasher to clear up the dishes and pots and pans afterwards is a bonus my mother would have loved, and the use of a microwave too.

kitchen sink

Although I personally can’t do this meal anymore, seeing as its just me at home, I wish I could do it. Perhaps one day I will be in the kitchen cooking Sunday lunch. I cannot think that having a fast food meal is a good exchange on any level, nutritionally or socially.

Yet, there are thousands still who prefer,whether for convenience or habit, to eat out instead, though I cannot think that the conversations are as relaxed as having a meal at home. Perhaps this will come full circle eventually, and eating Sunday lunch at home will become the ‘in thing ‘ once again. I think it is good for family life, even though I can not practice what I preach here, I do miss this traditional fare and the table conversations that are a part of the good ol’British way of life.


It is also a great time to pray together as a family, to give thanks to God for the food we have and for each other. I feel that Jewish families who gather as a family to celebrate Shabbat each Friday evening with the traditional meal, seeking God’s blessing by honouring Him, are indeed blessed. Much to ponder there!




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