I has a cold in my ‘doze’!

cold in my nose

Quite honestly, I probably should be resting instead of writing. You see I have a cold in my doze, I don’t think I have one symptom missing. Propped up on as much cold remedy allowance an adult can safely ingest, I am trying to get on with what I want to do, namely to write.

That non-helpful phrase of, “oh it’s going around” has no comfort for my splitting head and I am grateful for those who care to pray for my recovery… but please only from a safe distance! I have given up on a box of tissues they did not last long and have resigned myself to a loo roll. This lasts longer but has the added annoyance of turning my doze bright red. You just can’t win eh?

So, here I sit and I wonder, how are you doing today? Seeing as no one can (safely) visit me I shall enquire as to your health. This seems to be one of the hot topics of general conversation and tends to get more medically detailed with age. It would seem if we are not talking about the weather, it’s our health. I think my current state of sneeziness is a direct result of the weather, I mean isn’t it cold today!

For reasons only known to my daughter’s logic and her needs I have to soldier on, I guess we do with children (small or grown-up one’s) or, perhaps worse, our other halves, that we tend to their needs. Take this morning for instance, after a very rough, coughing, head-achy, sleepless night I got up to drive the car so my daughter could get to work. Now, she could have said, “oh Mum!, it’s okay I’ll get the bus.” But, I don’t think that occurred, and it was raining, and she was running late. Early morning saga over, I return home, pooped!

This is only to spy the dishes needing washing up, the clothes over spilling the laundry basket, the cat bowl empty, and the bins (even through my blocked doze) rather smelly. I had thoughts of returning to bed for a rest in the hope of catching up on the missed zzzs hours I spent coughing. But no, I walk into my bedroom and there right in the middle of the bed is the cat. Do I have the heart to kick her off and lie down nope! So there she still lies, looking every inch, just too cute as she sleeps, and I wonder what to do next.

I end up on the computer, thinking I will just read my e-mail and then check out Face Book, the weather report (oh, the weather again!). With only an interruption for hanging up the laundry in the bathroom, I am still sitting here. If you also have a cold, or anything else that is making you feel under the weather (sorry, couldn’t resist that one) you are very welcome to self-indulge your complaints and symptoms here (nothing too graphic please) and please feel free to get some sympathy here, “I am truly sorry you have a cold (or any other ailment) and hope you feel well again very soon.” Leave me a comment in return if you would like to. I expect like me, you also have many, many other things that require your attention today and you just don’t feel well or up to it all either.

So, here’s to the next dose of meds, and let’s rest whilst we may for as the day wears on there are bound to be things crop us that we have to deal with. We can only do our best!

book of tissues

Get well soon xx


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