Words are Everywhere 

There are somethings in life that are seemingly inescapable, such as the concept of time and, another being that of words.We were born to communicate and whether we speak or write them down words define and express our every waking moment, and possibly even invade our dreams.


Words create our known world, and our words contain life or death , contain blessing or curses. Words are so innocuous, words are violent and oppressive, words are power!

Words and Faith

Thanks to God,  Jesus Christ is The Word; He is the one whose ethical teaching spoke words of life to the poor and needy. Only His words show our hearts true condition, he spoke words that shocked and scandalized the religious elite of his day. He spoke prophetically, he spoke healing, and he spoke gently or powerfully over situations to change the atmosphere, bringing about wholeness, peace, and love.

God sees beyond the walls of words we build up, in self-protection and how we try to distance ourselves from pain, hurt, and suffering. We use words to deflect attention, to draw attention, to communicate with others what we feel, think or imagine.Whatever the words may be, we cannot escape their power over our lives. Words of blessing speak life and hope, and as a Christian, the words we use in  prayer connect us with God, as we wait and listen for His words back to us. Words are essentially relational and unite us with God’s love for us. God’s word to us is revelaed in the Holy Bible; a plumbline of truth and direction to live by.

Words of Warning

The world is through negligent words a damaged and hurting place; people wither; crushed and bruised when words attack both their world and personhood. Care needs to be taken before words are unleashed on someone in anger, through gossip or for gaining power over them. Words spoken carelessly are remembered, etched into the mind, causing painful associations,  reproducing anger traits and passing on broken and pain filled patterns of behaviour.


Cruel or negative words enter into our souls, into our spirit and tear us down.We are not to speak words carelessly to each other but, sadly,  we tend to think without saying, we speak without thinking. We may have caustic words going around inside our heads which have been spoken over us causing internal negative conversations. These damage our self-confidence and steal our joy. Verbal words spoken that are gregarious and an extrovert’s expression of life , are to an introvert  far from what they can respond to, sensitivity and gentleness are the keys that can unlock conversation.There is always a time to speak, a time to listen, and a time to be silent.

Words from others, written or spoken, have the potential to pierce our souls, to break our hearts, or when words are withheld and silence is all we perceive, we become understandably confused, and perplexed. Our souls demand an answer as we innately need to  keep the communication flowing, to perceive with understanding, wisdom, and have a sense of order in our lives.

Written words create real feelings when we read them; feelings of comfort, safety, peace, and love. But all too often they cause feelings of inferiority, confusion, shame, guilt, or hate. If we took more care over what we think or say, write or declare, we could bring healing and happiness and put an end to furthering evil intentions, we create the world we live in by our use of words and how we express them. Do as you would to others, as you would have them do to you. Our ego’s have to die to self interest, as we put others first. One of the hardest things to do practically.

Words of Health and Inner Healing

Words start to bind us or set free our minds as soon as we emerge into this physical world, but we do not have to stay bound by them.The impact on our potential character and personality, on our very fragile hearts and, our ability to give or receive love is enormous.Happily for every negative there is a corresponding positive word, one counteracting the other.


Kindness echoes throughout eternity and impacts us now and the generations to come, therefore, let us only speak kind words to one another.Words express and carry our felt emotions, healthy or otherwise, they can lay our souls bare. We alone can speak them; we alone can create through them. Let us have self-control. Let us seek healing words to cleanse our wounds and be made whole.

Words and Worldly Standards

Words can and do conjure up all sorts of things in our minds, for good or evil, that we audibly or visually absorb, then react to and act upon. We speak words too loosely; saying one thing but meaning another, words express a social complexity of rules and regulations and laws, and those societal niceties such as polite manners and compassion by which we  open ourselves or close down on people. We hide and stand naked by the words we proclamation, ever since the first humans did.Our words expose humanities sinful disposition.

We seem unable to resist examining our words, testing and correcting the inaccuracies of spellings, grammar, and to produce a high standard of communication, where education sets the level expected to be acquired or else we are deemed to have ‘failed’. Does this make our words any the less important? I think not!

Words to Entertain

We write to entertain, to explore, to record facts, to say something of who we are and whawe do, we release imaginary ideas and create our own amusement. We play with words making them rhyme and flow with a life of their own, such is the world a poet brings to us.  We log our lives in diaries and in journals record our spiritual journey. We add music to words and can sing them; this is no mere accident of evolution, for we are meant to do this in our humanity that bears something of our Creator.

We love to capture words, we write all manner of books , even books about what words mean, we write in a variety of alphabetical letter forms and fonts, expressing all manner of speech when we are unable (for a variety of reasons) to speak face to face.We personify metaphors, we create illusionary characters; words are as sharp as knives which cut deeply or are as soft as wool which knit us together.

knit together


Playing with words seems to come naturally to us, words are the playground of the author, speaker, and poet and lyricist. We use words, we shape scenes, we entice a reader, and we can play upon the meanings sounds, and patterns which words produce. We love to do crosswords and word games; we play with letters and teach children the wonder of phonics and nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Spoken or written words fill our minds almost constantly during our waking hours, training our cognitive thoughts and, seem to be an extraordinary gift to some people, who can instinctively weave and create ideas and stories for the pleasure of others. Words are fascinating and capture the essence of all that we can see, think or dream, all that imagine or pursue.

Words for All


There are those unable to verbalise, those who cannot hear because of deafness, yet who create words with their hands, which are complex and signal the desire to be heard,accepted and, to give voice to their  inner creative world. The world would be a far poorer place without special this way to express kind words, words of love, peace, joy, hope and grace. Such is the impluse to communicate with the hands, it is beautiful to see.

Let us all, whoever we are, be carriers of words of peace and love, kindness and truth in all humility, not causing harm to another but extending to each other what we would hope to receive. Let us not judge with critical words but make our words be one’s that give life, blessings, and hope. Let our words, not reflect hidden prejudice or vocalize racial slander but be words that are inclusive and one’s that show we are God’s children, each and every one of us, and if you are lost for words…. “God knows your heart.”






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