The Law is an Ass


This proverbial expression is of English origin and the ass being referred to here is the English colloquial name for a donkey, not the American ‘ass’, which we will leave behind us at this point. Donkeys have a, somewhat unjustified, reputation for obstinance and stupidity that has given us the adjective ‘asinine’. It is the stupidly rigid application of the law that this phrase calls into question.

Common sense seems seriously lacking in Western society and especially within the Laws of this land. Criminality is not punished appropriately, with lenient sentencing handed out from liberal minded judges that do not reflect the seriousness of the crime or the suffering or pain of those innocently involved, who have had their lives wrecked. Firstly by the act committed against them and secondly by the punishment not fitting the crime which both devastate the victims and their families live’s. Their sentence really is life; they carry the heartbreak and loss to their own graves.

Every day, through the media,  disappointing verdicts are pronounced and reported which leave the majority of decent law-abiding people thinking, why does the punishment not fit the crime?

Take the news headlines for this morning which is being reported by the BBC.

“Melanie Road murder: Man jailed for life 32 years after killing.”


She was murdered, aged 17 in 1984, and her mother has suffered for 32 years. The sentence of ‘life’ given to the murderer of 22 years minimum is, to be honest, absolutely ridiculous!

Why should he be kept at the taxpayers expense in prison, he is a convicted brutal murderer, “a monster!” who has lived his life as he pleased all these years, whilst the innocent victim’s mother has spent 32 years of her life waiting to hear this judgment. Is it justice?

Is it justice? Should the law be changed? what would you say is a fairer punishment to fit this crime?

The debate on the death penalty should be re-opened and let the people decide what is appropriate, it is time for a serious reconsideration and review of the death penalty to deter this from constantly happening to women, children and men  too. It is not the only case recently, how long do the innocent  have to suffer at the hands of cruel,brutal murderers?

Trying to understand this awful dichotomy, i am reading the following book,

how long oh Lord

Is it now time to stand up for the victim’s, and for true justice to be seen to be done, for the penalty to really fit the crime, what do you think?



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