Stop Striving for Perfection


We are as a human race forever striving and looking for perfection and nowhere more so than in anything we ourselves create. Be it through, the arts; sciences; drama or modern technology; or indeed anything from dog-breeding to baking. In fact in any subject that we are working toward we search to attain the highest level in that given field of expertise. What pleases the human eye; mind or ego drives us to craft and mould our passions so that we measure up to others ideas and standards of what perfection entails.


For me, I write, and in doing so I need to test my motives, especially when I feel that I am not getting anywhere and feel a failure. My personal plumb line to measure my motives is the straight truth of the scriptures of the Holy Bible. Here I can test and see if I am aligned to what God says about me and if I am working out of grace compared to my own standards or strivings. Being caught up in the praises of fickle people can destroy any confidence you might have in offering what, as you create, becomes a part of you and something dear to you. Critics who are blunt and tear down your offering are cruel and perhaps a little insecure to attack another’s valiant efforts.

blue faced smilie sad

We may chase perfection until we are literally blue in the face, we will never attain that desired and longed for flawlessness no matter how hard we try. The subjectivity of others remarks can cut like a knife and damage our creativity, we must not seek our praise or acceptance from others who are in their frail humanity broken and damaged people. No others point of view is truly whole and reliable.

In turning to God as our Father who in character is consistent and is always for us, we can be secure in our skills and gifting’s, accepted and loved not for what we produce, or strive to create, but truly know that our offerings, when given for His praise and glory, is all we will need as we encounter love; true and pure. No hint of jealousy or rejection, not cutting remarks; no pass or fail marks. To God, all that we achieve is beautiful whether it is ascetically or lavishly wrought, He looks at the heart and whispers, “I love you” and that before we have earned any right to hear it.

God's perfect love

Let us then let go of that streak of perfectionist driven living and rejoice in the truth, that God as a loving Father says, well done to us. Let us be free from those opinions from others and run with joy in our souls at the glorious, spacious place we can inhabit and abide in, when no one can say anything to harm or destroy our fragile beauty.

Soar high upon imaginations wings, and breath in the peace and serenity that envelops your soul. There is no more blessed and perfect place from which to create. So I will pick up my pen, turn to a new page and let the flow wash over me as I capture the words and when I am done, let God my Father, judge how well or perfectly I have done. I know He is smiling over me anyway and I have no anxieties, no retributive fear casting a gloomy shadow over me. This is because I know who I write for and that I am loved beyond all measure.

writing with God




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