Observations : On Light and Dark.


Have you ever wondered why God created light and dark? Sometimes it is more convivial to not comment but observe silently and note for there are perhaps many reasonable and plausible explanations of why, depending upon where you are observing from, you will have more or less to say of it upon the human condition. My platform is from a Biblical standpoint.

Have you ever perceived that there are people of peace and people of war? That there is, with no words even spoken, when in their presence a sense of either one or the other being true as they move and touch another’s life. Why is it that some people go out of their way to uphold justice and righteousness and goodness, or at the opposite extreme there are those who seem to create such upheaval to those around themselves? So much so that, there is a veritable perfect storm brewing which spreads unfairness, greed, vice, immorality and darkness which threatens stability and exudes danger.

perfect storm

No one likes to be around argumentative or cruel or rude souls who lash out and make the blackest cloud hang over a situation or relationship and stirs up condescension, breeding violence. Whereas there is an infinite sweetness of the love which flows in the wake of a person who is at peace, calm, and their disposition is one of truth and gentle, loving kindness.

The Bible tells us that there is a distinct difference; those who belong to the realm of light and those of the realm of darkness. Obviously, this is not a recent phenomenon then but one that has been recorded thousands of years ago in scripture to sound a warning. Living life in peace is the promise of God, His Shalom. There are those that shrink from the light and in preferring the darkness do not know God and worse still refuse to let the light of His goodness into their lives to save them.


Human free will and reason appear to work to keep them in the futility of their dark minds and there is no way they will accept that the light is good. Only God’s Holy Spirit can enlighten that menacing darkness and bring the lost person to the light and peace. And He will not force His way only draw them to the slowing growing realization that God is good and offer them to lighten their dark understanding.

Those who revel in the light are some of the most unrestricted and free spirit’s that live life in this world. They are instantly recognizable and attractive to be with, for they have found that elusive treasure that allows them to live in grace and at constant peace.

lost sheep

Those who are merely lost in this darkness are not the same as those who desire to dwell in utter darkness. God goes out searching for those lost ones, calling them by name. He shines His glory like a beacon of hope that pierces the darkness and carries them home to safety and shalom.

It is clear that those of the dark desire to be there; they do not nor can they long for the light and hope. In chaos, they are conceived and live and it is this chaos that defines them. It spreads outwards from their hearts and minds like an ethereal poison. And they are finally excluded for they are described in the Bible as, “the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters, and all liars.” Revelation 21. It is clear from current news reported from around the world that the darkness is cruelly persecuting and murdering those who are people of peace.

God’s children are peace loving and the bible tells us have a place in the book of life and to live with their God forever. One day all of God’s creation will be restored and there will be no more chaos or darkness. It is the epic battle between the two; light and dark; good and evil. As in all myths and stories based upon these two very real thematic images, light and goodness will always prevail. This is God’s world which he created and maintains for as it is written, “In Him there is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1:5.  He is in control and his Kingdom is one of light and peace. As St. John wrote almost two thousand years ago, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not understood it.”  John 1:5.

Jesus v satan

This has long been known through all the generations of those who have been found and live in the light of this truth. Christian children’s author C.S. Lewis, who wrote the wonderful ‘Chronicles of Narnia’, tells of there being a deeper ‘magic’ which evil does not know about.

May God’s grace and favour enlighten your mind to see and believe this and be poured out upon you and all the generations of your kinfolk.  Would it be that all were at peace in the light and the loving presence of God through His Christ by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. For this is the promise for the world to come, one where no darkness dwells and chaos is no more. May the Shalom of God be yours, amen!

new heaven new earth




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