Timely Thoughts of Gardening


I have always loved gardening but it has tended to come in phases to fit in with what is happening in my life. I learnt in my parent’s garden mostly by seeing what worked and what didn’t. When I had no big garden I used pots and containers on a balcony. I love flowers, especially one’s that attract pretty butterflies and bees.

When younger I had great enthusiasm to propagate seeds and take cuttings, learnt the Latin names, became an avid watcher of Gardener’s World TV programme and collected gardening magazines and books. I had all the paraphernalia from tools and pots and compost to twine in my pocket and fingers going ‘green’.

green fingers.jpg

Later as children came along, gardening had to take a back seat as I was a busy mum. The day I realised that gardening would have to wait was when my cuttings and seedlings went unwatered for a couple of weeks and didn’t survive the neglect. It was sad to give up my hobby, even temporarily.

But babies do not appreciate gardening and demand a mum’s attention so I gave up my interesting hobby and the nearest I got to gardening for a long time was pushing the lawn mower so that the children could play on the grass. Swings and toys littered the once neat and tidy garden and sand and stones and even bits of lego were strewn in the borders. It just was not the time to garden anymore.

Time, however, has passed and now I can take an interest once more, but the heavy work of digging is a real challenge now. I have enough to keep me busy pottering about though and enjoyed redoing the patio with my youngest daughter and planting up a raised bed with perennials and a Mother’s Day gift of a fragrant pink rose.


Soon we will take a trip to the garden centre for summer bedding. I have a favourite garden centre, which has a café and a vast range of plants, bushes, trees and sundries. It is nice that I can share my interest with my daughter, she is very practical (great for those tough jobs) and also likes to try different things.

Last year we tried vegetables, which I had never done. It was fun but failed in providing anything useful to actually eat. The carrots tasted weird, the broccoli and cauliflowers got the frost and the parsnips were obviously put in at the wrong time and came to nothing, and as for the slugs, that’s another matter altogether. We will have to try again this year! That is the nice thing about gardening, it waits for you to come back when the season is right.



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