We all, “have a story to tell.”

sun shine

I was not expecting anything about to happen, and was in fact just back from shopping and sat down to have a late breakfast and, “POP!!” Into my mind jumps some words, which formed a little phrase and I felt strongly urged to catch them quickly before getting distracted or stop listening. This sudden inspiration bursts through my thoughts like the sun shining on a cloudless day  and I find myself scrambling for a piece of paper and pencil to try to catch this flow of words before it dries up; evaporating in that blazing heat; an unexpected writer’s download. Even though soggy cornflakes look now like being the inevitable result, “I have a story to write.” And here is how this sudden stream of liquid words flows…

creative mind

Everyone has a story to tell, so many people have wonderful things to share but somehow never get around to doing it. That is such a shame and a loss. The subconscious imagination can only conjure up amazing plots and stories having previously been fired, as from a rocket into the conscious creative mind that comes from real life influence or latent experiences. It is much underestimated what our lives collect and store up, many excellent ideas for novels or biographies really do interest others; both readers and writers alike.

No one’s life is merely plain or boring; every individual has something to contribute to the mega story. Take for instance the recollection and writing of one’s memoirs which sounds grand and for an elite few, indeed that one must have had to become a world traveler or Antarctic explorer; or perhaps have humble tales of having spent years helping the poorest in society or inventing something to improve the human condition. Not necessarily so! For the average story and the act of writing it from personal involvement is something from your own life, and in giving it a voice for others is both therapeutic and creative for the author and of value to any potential audience of readers.

Normal everyday ‘stuff’ is everyone’s normal everyday familiarity and writing these observations of life and of people is relatable and relational. No one likes to be so different in their lives to the extent that they have no one who understands them. We all have that intrinsic desire and need to communicate something of ourselves to others. The vast range of how humanity can and does express this innate desire is as wide as the ocean is deep. In many tongues and languages, through various mediums and in creative and artistic expressions; humanity needs to make a statement of purpose and passion in why we are here on planet earth. These are the keys to our humanness. I do not think that the animal kingdom cares too much for literary concerns or artistic flair. They do not have that spark of inner light that bears the image of its creator as does the human race.

your story

So back to where we began with my cornflakes now an unrecognizable mushy-mess, those words are so important, they are like pure and clear cold water bubbling up in my mind forming a water feature which needs to be contained yet released freely to be expressed. These words need somewhere to flow to, not randomly falling on dry arid soil  but to fall into a form and design to enable articulation of their strength, grandeur, beauty, peace, and song. The irony of this is in writing to capture on paper, the words must be released from my mind to be free and alive.Words which may when read by another ignite a fiery passion for the theme offered that reverberates in their soul and their own song of life as if it had been written personally just for them.

Words are great to play around with, be it narrative or poetic, pun,rhyme or lyrics, whatever genre used or structure or strategy to construct the story all combine to produce something unique and powerful. Words are no accident of evolution they are life changing and have the authority to build or destroy. The writer and their art form carry a responsibility to the reading audience. From the very foundation of the world, words have spoken life and created. Our world is literally made and maintained by the power of the Word; spoken and written.

power and words

All creation is held and nurtured in a harmonious constant chain of words with which God forever upholds all things together. His word spoke and created all we see, hear, know and feel. Humanity has the amazing ability to co-create with God. That we can read and write and communicate by words and languages is amazing in its complexity and how our brains are designed for this purpose. This is God’s plan, God’s story or His-story. He literally gave us His living Word the Holy Bible so we could read and know Him. Every writer does so in reflecting something of the author of life himself.

To bring us back to the beginning introduction, as I was madly scribbling notes to accompany the phrase I heard, “I have a story to tell.” We all do and the story of our lives is a testimony to the fact that we bear something of our Father God. Finally to draw this meandering style to a close, let us who love to write and create or love to read or who are just moved by words and their power, let us give praise to the One who is the original author of all.

This is my story, this is my song!



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