A Time to Wake-up: Oh Vainglorious Deceitful Heart put not your Trust in Idols.

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Vanity, warns Ecclesiastes in the Holy Bible, “All is vanity.” Ecc. 1:2. And the writer, King Solomon, goes on to mention this 31 times in 27 verses according to the ESV translation. So what is the meaning of this word?  The Book of Ecclesiastes is found within the Old Testament portion of the Bible, originally written in Hebrew there are 5 words which describe the word vanity.

H205     ‘aven     ä·ven’    iniquity, wicked (ness), vanity, affliction, mischief, unrighteous, evil, false, idol, mourners, mourning, nought, sorrow, unjust, vain

H1892   hebel     heh’vel  vanity, vain, altogether

H7385   riyq        rēk         vain, vanity, no purpose, empty, vain thing

H7723   shav’      shäv       vain, vanity, false, lying, falsely, lies

H8414   tohuw   tō’·hü    vain, vanity, confusion, without form, wilderness, nought, nothing, empty place, waste

*H numbers are from Strongs Concordance; http://strongs-concordance.com/

As we can see, from the various meanings it is hardly a positive or healthy outlook!

Fast forwarding…

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