Time To Dream Once Again?

Hope and dreams fill our minds and plans of what we desire to achieve and see or do. Our bucket lists are where we mentally store up all those good or bright ideas until, hopefully, they are ticked off and we can say, “Oh yes, do you remember that!” or “Was the best, wasn’t it?” and the reply is equal of a deep satisfaction at the memory of that time when this hope and dream  was finally birthed and realized. Places to visit, experiences that fill with wonder or awe, family, friends, children, and grandchildren, possessions we just must acquire that add to the collections we horde as treasure. So it was this morning when another promise to myself I jotted down for such a future time. We all long for such moments, sometimes seemingly they will never happen or over time the list changes as we do.

bucket list

Some of the things that we desire most sit far into our future time though we wait and we hope for it with expectation. This faith in what we long and yearn  for, as yet unseen is born from desires I believe that God has placed within us. When hopes or dreams are dashed, it is to God himself we surely must turn and in laying it down until in His timing we shall see His hopes and dreams for us appear. It is being able to recognize His hand in all things that we might find we can rest assured that those hopes and dreams will come. We want to hurry and rush headlong into fulfilling those great plans and ideas that spark  creativity, the journey, the item which allures us to want it for our collection. None of these are wrong in and of themselves but do we ever stop to think, “Is this right, needed or necessary?”

The plain and ordinary rarely excite us to think of adding them to any list, let alone the bucket list we nurture and fill with cravings for adventure and all manners of items. Can we surrender these, and in place accept God’s bucket list for us? Difficult to let go of such wants because then there is no certainty of what will happen, we then are not in control of one single hope or dream. Yet, God promises that if we ask he will not give us what we do not want. Can we trust him in this enough to let go and let him rearrange a few things for us?


Becoming entrapped by possessions actually can weigh us down, keep us desiring that which we cannot really keep forever. If we surround ourselves with those things are we satisfying not mere cravings and wants disguised as hopes and dreams? And all those places to visit, that we want to go to just to prove that we went there, who does this impress in the end? We taste of something so temporary and know too well that feeling of having to return to our normal lives, with all the woes and demands. For they do not vanish but wait for us where we belong. Can we be content without expending so much of our hard earned resources by gadding about here and there?

Hopes and dreams of future relationships are as yet an unknown quantity, we long for love and to give it in return. We can see, in our hearts and minds eye, this being fulfilled in meeting the right person, hoping and dreaming of all that life may bring. Wedding and marriage, children and grandchildren. Can we let this be decided not by our own desires and choices but by letting go and waiting for God to show us? When things do not pan out as we had wanted, can we turn and say not my will but your?  Stopping to consider such enormous questions which are very unsettling, dare we draw closer to hear his whisper and purposes that God has hoped and dreamed for us? Today, perhaps I can trust, and that is really all he asks. Day by day, one step at a time until I see that the path has turned and winds this way and that, in ways I had never even conceived of.


Today, perhaps I can trust, and that is really all he asks. Day by day, one step at a time until I see that the path has turned and winds this way and that, in ways I had never even conceived of or considered. Surely His way is for us and not against us, can you today think of letting God be in control of your precious bucket list, and with me walk at his pace? Much to ponder over, and much to gain I think, don’t you?


My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20 NLT





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