Time for a box of clocks

box of clocks

This picture of a box of clocks reminded me of my first day in college. Fresh out of school and rather keen in the English class I was met by a teacher who impacted my desire to write and made my imagination fire up. His name was Mr Morgan and without speaking he walked in and stood at the front of his new students. He laid a small brown leather case on the desk and lifted the lid. Then he turned it around and inside there were clocks, lots of clocks! Tick, tick, ticking away.

“Write.” he said, “about what inspires you from inside this case.” This memory has stayed with me for years. Those who show us the value of time are exceptional people. Those who teach impact for years ahead, and show us the love of words and time. Lately, I have found more than ever  time is something that I could write about …forever (almost).We can become obsessed with time in some shape or form and it is, in truth, hard to get away from entirely. So ingrained into daily life from the cradle to the grave as if we are attached to it, as we were with the umbilical cord and our mother.

Time as a concept is oddly limited to humanity for perhaps only three score years and ten.Maybe more  or maybe less. Time is a strange notion of reality that repeats and yet changes, slowly or suddenly. Paradoxically its limits are undefined and yet it is by its own admission set within certain parameters. We have it, lose it; it ceases and can never be regained. It slips; it slides away from us, giving both hope and fear. We ‘feel’ time as we pass through it and it passes through us. Gradually its effects reduce us back to nothing and we take our leave of it with the promise of more of time than we can ever imagine. Time here drags or its speeds up, we give it importance; it rules our life and frames our existence. Seemingly forever until we reach a point when it occurs that time is indeed running out for us and we may also assume that of all creation.

Time is ruthless upon our experiences. What is wonderful and amazing evaporates and we have to be content until the next time. But, we have no idea when or where that might be; whether it will be similar or even better. When bad times come (and they will)  we gladly breathe a sigh of relief when that time  finally departs; as in a dream that distresses or an experience that hurts us deeply. But which in time fades giving us a new perspective of it.


If you have a personal Christian worldview of time and life being shaped like a cross compared to say time and life being circular and repetitive, you can find through experience that there is more freedom, an ability to move forward rather than the expectation of time returning upon and trapping you in an eternal circle of hopeless despair.

Time wages war on the body, the mind, and the heart. As time goes by we learn and maybe acceptance is easier to explain that we are caught up in the essence of time, as deep as the very existence of our DNA. We are programmed to be released eventually from the constraint of time. It would seem that in this life  all we have is, in reality, such a brief time to encounter and a chance to know something of God. Surely we mean more to God than such a brief encounter here and now.

The promise of life everlasting is a truth that all may have. We are more than the creation we inhabit, both the same yet also different from it. For humanity has the capacity to know something of God here and now which is not possible for even the angels. Even they long to enquire of God’s purposes for humanity. Something special is going on for humanity. We have spirit and God is Spirit, so we can be certain that God is in ultimate control and that there is more than this time we experience daily. Glimpses of more have been whispered throughout time, as some have been so close to the veil which hides what is to come for those who put their faith and trust in God through Jesus.

So time is important, it is a gift from God, time that allows us to get to know Him in this aeon of history before the ultimate time of eternity comes calling. Time spent with the one you love, is never time wasted, and it is from this place of spending time, rather than money or energy, that we are settled, loved and reassured. Time matters, time waits for no man or woman. It is a curious commodity that we spend yet each day we are given exactly the same amount to use seemingly day after day, year after year. Wisdom urges us to use it wisely and consider its impact upon your faith, family and friends. Time is far more precious than gold I believe. And this is my favourite time… Create moments that ensure memories last forever!

quality time